I have always been obsessed with rare, beautiful objects that tell a story. Things that people value and withstand time, that are passed on to be cherished and adored. It's at the heart of what I love about jewellery: composing a final, unique piece of wearable art to be loved forever. 

I make most of my pieces through a process called “lost wax casting,” one of the oldest traditional methods of creating jewellery — objects made in this way have been found in archaeological digs, dating as far back as 3700 BC. I like to combine artisanal methods like this one with both antique stones and stones cut in more modern shapes, for a very particular aesthetic. There’s excitement and risk to the crafting of every piece because it’s an act of creation: every new item is one of a kind. My guiding principle is to make the kind of objects I would be drawn to if I saw them: works that are clearly handmade, not necessarily flawless, but which evoke particular feelings and express an individual personality.

I want my pieces to be subtle and durable enough to wear daily but meaningful enough to pass down to loved ones for generations to come.